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Music submissions 

Please read carefully below on how to submit your music for air play consideration on W.H.I.Z. Radio.

How to Submit Your Songs

W.H.I.Z. Radio – will review your digital submissions on Thursdays. Your digital submission(s) must be high quality and comparable to the music we play, please listen to our station before submitting. We PREFER MP3s at the bit rate of 320kbps and NO WAV files.

Please make sure the metadata is complete on your track. All files should have the following: Artist, Track Number, Title, Album, Year, and ISRC Code.

Please also submit a “LYRIC SHEET” with your Song Submission. 

Song files should have the “ISRC CODE”. Some distribution companies assign ISRC codes when you upload your music for distribution. Learn more about International Standard Recording Codes at ISRC. Please include your “COVER ART” (1600 x 1600 300 dpi .jpg) and liner notes with your digital submission.

As we will be receiving many releases, we will not review your music if your submission is not labeled properly. Email your package to

If your music is accepted, we will email you and let you know we will be adding you to our rotation, but it will be up to you, the artist to reach out to the hosts of the shows for inclusion.

Good Luck and Thank You for submitting to W.H.I.Z. Radio.




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